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This rugged island with its steep cliffs has few beaches, therefore it has not been a favourite with package tourists.

Chora this charming village with its windmills and the huge rock on which stands the ancient Kastro. The town has shops, bars and cafes to tempt the visitor. The church of Agios Fanourios is the smallest church in Greece .

Katapola the main port on the island, built around the bay it has a few restaurants and a small pebbly beach.

Aegiali the islands second port with a backdrop of steep slopes and rocky cliffs, the village is also a small resort.

Moni Hozoviotissis this monastery clinging to the cliff face is spectacular to see, painted brilliant white it stands out from the dark cliff. There are a few monks still living here, and it is possible to visit the monastery as long as you respect the dress code (no shorts or bare shoulders).

The island has some decent restaurants and small hotels and is worth the visit.


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