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Andros, The most northerly and second largest of the Cyclades islands, the island is relatively quiet, untouched by mass tourism. The landscape varies from mountainous to fertile valleys where olives and citrus fruits grow in profusion. The architecture is as varied as the landscape, from Neo-classical mansions to humble farm dwellings. Several beaches around the island offer seclusion where one can relax and sunbathe.

Hora or Andros Town is the capital of Andros , located along a peninsula on the east coast of the island. The town has many fine examples of Neo- classical mansions, some of them converted into public offices some of them owned by wealthy businessmen. Hora ends on a little island where a medieval Ventian castle stands. The castle protected the town against invaders and pirates. Stroll in the narrow, charming streets of the town where in one of the local cafes you can enjoy many of the local dishes served. In Riva square stands the imposing copper statue of the Unknown Sailor of Andros.

Andros Archaeological Museum has many fine exhibits from excavations around the island, one of the main exhibits is a marble copy of the 4th century bronze Hermes of Andros.

The Museum of Modern Art regularly has displays of the great artists such as Picasso, Matisse, and Toulouse- Lautrec amongst others. Also on display are works by Greek artists such as Alekos Fasianos. There is also a display of sculptures in the museum.

The Maritime Museum has on display items and photographs from the islands maritime history. Gavrio on the west coast is the islands main port, and is mainly a transit port for the tourists and people from the mainland heading for their holiday homes.

The beautiful beaches of Xylokarida, Kipri and Psili Ammos south of Gavrio offer the opportunity for water sports.

Agios Petros This hamlet is 2.5 km from Gavrio here is a round tower dating from Hellenistic Period.

Batsi (Mpatsi) is the most developed village of the island. It has a sandy beach with shallow waters suitable for families. Several more beaches in the area offer a wide rang of watersports from water skiing to pedaloes. To the south of Batsi stands Paleopolis, the old capital of Andros .


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