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This charming island 16 km from Rhodes is a favourite with those seeking tranquillity and a relaxed holiday. The island was prosperous due to sponge diving and fishing, but after the decline of these industries and after the trials of the two wars many of the islanders decided to emigrate to America . As the island has no longer any natural water source, due to contamination by seawater. Tanker from other islands must ship fresh water in. The only livestock that thrive here are goats and sheep roaming the hillsides, eating whatever vegetation they can find.

Nimporio Chalki‘s main port and settlement and is a quiet and peaceful village.The old captain’s mansions around the harbour are bear witness to the islands former wealth, many of them have been restored or under restoration. The Church of Agios Nikolaos has an impressive belltower, the courtyard has a mosaic made from pebbles depicting birds and the tree of life. Remains of windmills stand above the harbour and a clock tower, donated to the island by the islanders who emigrated to America . The nearby beach of Pontamos is probably the best on the island, and is suitable for children.

Chorio this now deserted village was the main settlement of the island, the ruins of a castle once used by the Knights of St. John, overlooks the village.

Moni Agiou Ioannou Prodromou ( St. John the Baptist), it is possible to stay here overnight in one of the monks cells. A large cypress tree shades the attractive courtyard with its geometric designed mosaic. The tranquillity is broken on the 28-29 th of August, when celebrations for St. John the patron of the church start.


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