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This sun drenched cosmopolitan island combines the needs of the modern tourists, with natural beauty and history. Mentioned in Homers Odyssey, the island is where Jason and his Argonauts, sought refuge here after their epic voyage in search of the Golden Fleece. Countless numbers of artists and writers have extolled Corfu ’s beauty in paintings and literature. The island has been under the control of many states, from the Romans, Byzantines, Turks and the British amongst others. The island eventually returned to Greece in 1863.

Corfu Town (Kerkyra)

Situated on a promontory, Corfu Town is divided in two half’s, the northern and southern areas. The northern or old town is the largest, still functional medieval city in Greece . With the streets and lanes that meander around the town, lined with old houses dating from the Ventian period, it is a delight to explore on foot. The new town is with its wide avenues with large squares make a delightful contrast. The architecture of the town is of various styles due to the influence of successive foreign occupiers. There are two fortresses on either side of the town, the old Ventian Fortress (Sea Fort), separated from the town by a moat, and the new Ventian Fortress (Land Fort) situated above the old harbour. The town has everything a tourist can wish for, tavernas, shops selling a wide range of products, and interesting sights.

Sightseeing in the town

The Archaeological museum has exhibits from around the island. The Museum of Asiatic Art has a collection of Asian and Oriental art from the Neolithic era to the 19 th century. The Cathedral this splendid building contains the remains of St. Theodora Augusta as well as some fine Byzantine icons. The Old Palace this 19 th century building was the housed the governors of the British Protectorate from 1814 to 1863. The church of St. Spyridon where the remains of the islands patron saint rest in a silver sarcophagus decorated with precious stones. On Feast days, the casket is born through the town. The town has many interesting sights waiting for you to discover.

Northern Corfu

Dasia and Ipsos are wholly tourist areas though they have popular beaches.

Strinylas is a charming village, where one can take the road to Mt. Pantokrator the islands highest mountain, which offers fantastic views.

Nikati and Agni are small hamlets built around small coves.

Kalimi is well- known for its connections with the Gerald Durell and his brother Lawrence. Gerald the well-known writer, naturalist, and Lawrence a well-known author and playwright, lived in the “White House” situated on the waters edge, the house today is a restaurant. Agni has some excellent tavernas serving delicious food.

Kassiopi a pleasant summer resort built around a harbour.

Agios Stefanos near Arilas has a long sheltered beach. From here, you can take a boat to the Diapondia islands, ideal for those who like solitude.

Southern Corfu

Mon Repos Villa , on the Kanoni Peninsula was the place of birth of Prince Phillip, (Queen Elizabeth’s spouse). The beautiful grounds are open to the public as well as the Villa, which now houses the Museum of Palaeopolis , on display is the history of the estate as well as the history of the ancient city of Corcyra , which once stood on the peninsula.

Gastouri near the village is Ahillion Palace , in the 1890s it was the summer residence of Empress Elizabeth of Austria , the niece of King Otho of Greece .

Benitses, Moraitika and Messonghi are the usual package tourist resorts, with bars, nightlife etc,

Western Corfu

Moni Theoutokou, this charming monastery founded in the 13 th century, there is an added bonus of a taverna where one can sit and partake in a glass of wine and enjoy the fabulous views over the area.

Paleokastritsa is a large resort with coves, beaches and grottos and is especially charming, small boats make trips to the more secluded coves, beaches and grottos.

Lakones, Makrades and Krini , these small villages have many nice restaurants where one can take a good meal and relax from the days activities. Near the village of Pelakas is the Kaisers Throne, and from here you can enjoy spectacular sunsets.

Glyfada, Pelakas are popular resorts with the package tourist.


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