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Epirus region

The region of Epirus , covering an area of 9,203 Sq.kms. lies in the northwest area of Greece . The region is divided into four prefectures; Ioannina, Preveza, Thesprotia and Arta. The region of Epirus is Greece ’s most mountainous, to the northeast is the Pinder mountain range, other mountains of varying heights, with small fertile valleys between them, are scattered throughout the region. In the mountains and forests that make up the region, is a rich variety of wildlife, wolves, mountain lions, wild boars, and eagles. Along the coastline of the Ionian Sea , there are many resorts offering a wide range of activities to the visitors. The first inhabitants came to the region in 40,000 BC and have been coming ever since. Throughout the ages, wars and peace have formed Epirus into a region of unique charm. Carnivals and festivities celebrating Saints days are held all around the prefecture. Easter like the rest of Greece is the main and most important festival.


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