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Greek lifestyle

Greek lifestyle

The Greek way of life is based around the family, church and patriotism. They are proudly patriotic, this is due to the trials and tribulations of successive rulers, invasions and wars, though this sometimes leads to suspicion of other nationalities, considering their history it is not surprising that some of the people feel this way, but patriotism, should not be confused with racial discrimination.

The majorities of Greeks are generous and helpful, and welcome you into their country and their homes. The Greek Orthodox Church plays an important role in the life of the Greek society, when the country was under foreign rule; the church gave them a sense of belonging and self-determination. Greek family life centres on the women of the house, contrary to what the men think, they like to sit in the cafes, play backgammon and discuss the ways of the world.

Unlike many countries in Europe , the sons of the family will stay at home until they get married, with the exception of going away to study or military service, where the women of the house treat them like princes, catering to their every need. The Greek women are proud of their ability to look after the family and their cooking skills, the males of the family rarely involve themselves in the day-to-day running of the house, and their cooking skills are mainly confined to the barbecue.

The Greeks are well known for their easy approach to timekeeping, (do tomorrow, what you can do today), when the new underground rail system was opened in Athens, the joke at the time, was at so many people turned up at work on time because the did not realise how fast the trains ran. Overall, the Greeks enjoy life, this can be seen through their festivals and the closeness of the family. A good time to see this, is the evening walk, (the volta) when families old and young, stroll around the squares of the towns and villages, the older generation catching up on the latest gossip, whilst the young males try to catch the eye of a pretty girl and vice versa.


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