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During the battle for independence against the Turks in 1821, the rich ship owners of the island along with other boats from nearby islands, caused great damage to the Turkish fleet. Their bravery was to become well known throughout the Europe .

Today the island is a favourite with artists and tourists. The islands nature is more rugged and barren compared with other islands in the Saronikos group. In the main town and port, you can visit some of the houses belonging to the ship owners, who fought in the battle for independence.

To get a spectacular view over the town, you must go up to the Prophet Elias cloister, where you will be rewarded with glorious views and sunsets.

Good beaches are to be found at Mandraki and Kaminia, as driving on Hydra is forbidden all transport is by the small boats which do trips to the beaches, the nearby beaches can easily be reached on foot.


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