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Kythira Islands

Kythira and Antikythira: these barren islands are popular with those wanting to escape the rigours of flashy resorts on other islands. Though relativity quiet, during the summer months it gets busy with Greeks coming home from foreign countries. Small villages dot the countryside linked by narrow lanes. According to legend, Aphrodite the goddess of love was born on Kythira; she is supposed to have risen from the foam where Zeus had thrown the sexual organs of Cronos after castrating him. She is supposed to have re-emerged off the shores of Cyprus , and the two islands claim her as there own.

Hora: the islands main settlement is a typical whitewashed island village, set on a long ridge the village is charming with streets and squares bedecked with flowers. The castle at the end of the ridge offers stunning views over the region.

Kapsali: the village is 2km from Hora and is charming with its excellent beaches and cafes along the waterfront. During the high season, it gets busy, so it is best to come just before or after this time.

Potamos: the commercial centre of the island, its market held on Sundays is the place for meeting along with the weeks shopping.

The island has many churches and monasteries to visit and enjoy, along with small beaches ideal for swimming or lazing in the sun.

Antikythira: this tiny island is home to a few residents, and is totally untouched by mass tourism, with only a 10 rooms furnished very basically to offer the tourist that comes to the island and wishes to stay a day or two


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