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Peloponnese region

The peninsula of Peloponnese can nearly be classified as an island, due to the Corinth Canal which was finally finished in the 19 th century, divides the peninsula from the mainland. The canal with its sheer cliffs on either side, is a spectacular sight, here you can see cruise ships being towed by tugs through the canal. The peninsula has an area of 21,439 square kilometres, the geography of the region ranges from high mountains to fertile plains. Peloponnese is divided in to seven provinces each with its own rich history. Traces of human influences on the island go back to 100,000 BC. The region has also had a turbulent past, rivalry between Athens and Sparta led to the Peloponnesian War which led to the decline of Ancient Greece. Invasions by the Romans and other invaders have left their mark on the region. Take a trip around the local villages and towns each with its own history, with their small squares and tavernas serving local food and wines, you will be sure of a good welcome.


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