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The island is closely connected to the Greek sea god Poseidon. A temple dedicated to Poseidon is situated in the middle of the island. During the month of May when the lemon trees, for which the island is famous for, are in flower the aromatic scent drifts over the island. The main port of Poros also the capital of the island is built on and around a hill. With cobbled streets, small alleyways and traditional dwellings, Visits to the museums, the clock tower on the top of the hill, or walking along the promenade stopping for a well deserved meal or drink in one of the many tavernas, the town offers a lot for the tourist. One of the best beaches on the island is to be found at Neorio, but it can be very busy during the summer.

If you are visiting Poros, you must take a trip over to Lemonodasos (lemon woods), it takes a few minutes by boat, and walk through the lemon groves, the trees give shade even on the hottest of days.


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