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Prefecture of Evia

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The island of Evia ( Euboea ) is 180 km. long and has an area of 4,167 sq. km. the island is mountainous with small fertile plains.

Evia is a popular destination for mainland Greeks, as it is only 88km. from Athens . A bridge connects the mainland to the island over the Evripous Channel where the current changes direction about every 6 hours!! Along the west coast there are a number of quiet beaches, small resorts.

The east coast is more rugged. On the mainland over the bridge there are the regions of Vathi, Faros, and Aviltha. These regions though on the mainland come under the administration of Evia as does the island of Skyros , (part of the Northern Sporades islands). The region is rich culture, ruins and churches. Good beaches, tavernas serving local seafood and entertainment make the area popular with tourists.