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Prefecture of Evros

The Prefecture covers an area of 4,241 square kilometres. To the central and southwest region are the foothills of Rodopi Mountain range. The southeast and central parts of the region are on the plains of the Evros Delta and Orestiada. The island of Samothraki comes under the jurisdiction of the prefecture. 

There are two large rivers in the region, the Nestos River and the Evros River. The Prefecture of Evros is a place with natural beauty with beautiful clean beaches; the wildlife reserves of the Evros River delta the caves and the historical remains in the area of Didimoticho. It has a warm climate in summer, but cold in winter in the northern regions.

The island of Samothraki is also part of the prefecture of Evros. It has a surface area of 178 square kilometres. The capital of the island is the town of Samothraki (Hora), the islands main port is Kamariotissa. From the harbour at Alexandroupolis, visitors can board the ferry for Samothraki. Hora is 5km east of the harbour, built among hills providing protection from the winds and the pirate raids that were a common feature in times gone by. The main capital of Samothrace is charming with its meandering lanes and houses tiered on the hillsides.

The ruined fortress on the summit of the hill gives excellent views over the area. Hora has a Folklore Museum, in a restored house next to the church. The village, is of particular architectural interest, and declared a protected traditional community in 1978. The island was an important religious centre in the Mediterranean due to the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. . The port of Kamariotissa has hotels, restaurants, fish tavernas, cafés, and nightclubs and makes an ideal base from which to explore the island.


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