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Prefecture of Lasithi

The prefecture of Lasithi located on the eastern part of the island, covering an area of about 1.900 square metres. The landscape is a mixture of rocky hills, fertile plains and coastal beaches. Tourism and agriculture are the main sources of revenue. People have lived in the region since the Stone Age. The region, as most of Greece has been under occupation by the Venetians and the Turks. Lasithi offers the visitor a variety of sights, charming villages to the popular tourist resorts.

Small villages have grown into centres for the tourists, with hotels, cafés and bars. Despite this the area has some of the best landscape on the island.

Away from the holiday centres you enter another world, small villages on the Lastithou Plateau and high mountains with wonderful views.

A drive along the coastal road is not to be missed as leads you to wonderfull beaches where you can sunbathe to your hearts content.