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Prefecture of Messinia

The prefecture of Messinia is located in the southwest of the region. It borders with Laconia , Arcadia and Elia. With its towns and small villages set among fertile farmlands and olive groves, the region has a lot to offer the tourist.

Kalamata: The capital and port of the prefecture is the town of Kalamata , a large commercial town, with parks, with its dominating castle overlooking the town. A large earthquake devastated the town in 1986, and destroying over 10,000 buildings. The old city is below the castle, situated here is the convent of Kalograies where the nuns weave the Kalamata silk for which the city is famous for. In 1821, in the church of Agii Apostoli the Greeks declared revolution against the Turks. Concerts and other cultural events take place in the amphitheatre at the castle. Along the seafront, restaurants serve all kinds of culinary delights to tempt the palate.

Pilos: The seaside town known also as Navoroni is the site of the famous naval battle during the war of independence, where ships from the combined fleets of England , Russia and France , destroyed the Turkish-Egyptian fleet. The villages of Methoni and Koroni have medieval castles that are worth visiting. To the north of Pilos in the village of Chora lies, the Palace of Nestor , the wise old king, who with the Archains, campaigned against Troy . The palace destroyed by fire in 1200BC; and the remains of the impressive throne can be seen along with the monumental entrance.

Mavromati (Ancient Messina ): the ruins of this ancient city lie in the valley below the village of Mavromati . The city founded in 371 BC after a battle against the armies from Sparta , who ruled the region for 350 years. Later large defensive walls enclosed the city, to deter any further invasions. Moreover, according to local legend, the god Zeus was born here, not on Crete .

Finikounda: this village with many good beaches is popular with wind surfers and sunbathers due to its good beaches.


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