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Prefecture of Rethymno

The prefecture of Rethymno is situated in heart centre of the island. The prefecture stretches from Chania district (the White Mountains) and to Psiloritis Mountain with borderline to the prefecture of Lasithi.

The prefecture of Rethymno covers an area of 1.496 km2 and has a landscape with variation and surprises. The northern part of the prefecture is plain and green, the highland with the mountains and its spectacular gorges, fertile valleys, picturesque villages surrounded by olive and pine trees. The southern part with its rocky coast and beautiful beaches, charming fishing villages and deep blue sea, entices thousands of tourist who visit the area. They return again and again.

Rethymno is also the name on the capital city of the prefecture.
A historic important town with a soul of mystery and romance situated in the middle of the two other main towns on the island (Chaniá and Heraklion).Retymno is a perfect starting point for exploring Crete and offers may interesting sights.The area around the Rethymno town is a very popular tourist destination.


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