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Prefecture of Rodopi

The prefecture of Rodopi lies between region of Evros and Xanthi, and covers an area of 2543 square kilometres. Many small villages area spread around the region, from the foothills of Mount Rodopi to the plains around the regions capital Komotini. Along the coast are many picturesque villages where the residents sustain themselves by fishing. The climate varies, abundant showers, snow and frosts are the characteristics of the mountains of Rodopi, whereas the coastal areas of the region have a more temperate climate.

Rodopi has a long history, this is the land where Orpheus' lyre once rang, filling the air and where the Menands would cheerfully dance. Stone tools dating from 10,000-7,000 BC have been found in the area, excavations at the settlement of Paradium have revealed have shown that the area was a thriving community between 7,000-3,000 BC. Philip II of Macedonia destroyed the powerful Kingdom of the Odrisos in Thrace after the Persian war. In 46 AD, Thrace becomes part of the Roman Empire. The Romans emperors take a special interest in Thrace; they built a network of roads to connect the towns of the region to Europe and the Byzantine region, one of longest of these roads being the Via Egnatia, which today is a major route between Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis and Turkey.


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