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Prefecture of Trikala

The Prefecture of Trikala covers an area of 3385 sq km. and is located in the northwest corner of Thessalia. Its capital is the city of Trikala. Mt. Lakmos (2,295 m) and Mt. Tzoumerka (2,429 m) are it highest mountains. The Aheloos River, the longest river in Greece, creates the artificial lake of Mesohora. To the southeast is the valley of Trikala, crossed by the Pineos River, part of the large Thessalia Plain, the largest plain in Greece. To the north is Meteora, famous for its rock formations and monasteries.


Neolithic remains at Sarkos and other sites, give evidence that man first inhabited the prefecture in the sixth millennium BC. The prefecture, like much of the region has a rich and varied history with many invasions and battles with periods of peace and prosperity in between. The inhabitants of the city of Trikala have fought in the Persian Wars in the 5 th century BC. They also marched with the Athenians to stop the King of Sparta in his attempt to take control of the regions of Macedonia and Thrace. Later in approx. 350 BC, they joined forces with Alexander the Great and took part in many of his conquests. In approx. 150 BC, the prefecture came under Roman rule. After the Romans, the Turks invaded the area in approx. 1420 AD, over the following years, many battles against the oppressive Turks that finally resulted in the region becoming part of the Greek State in 1881 AD.


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