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The island was the home of Homers hero Ajax , the leader for the islanders, who fought together with other Greeks against the troops
of Xerxes the king of the Persians, at the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC.

Only twenty minutes by boat from Pireaus, this island is well known for its shellfish. The island has many good beaches and it is possible to hire a boat and sail at your leisure around the island, to find a beach were you can swim or relax. Ferries from the mainland dock at Paloukia on the east coast; 3km. to the west lays the islands main town, Salamina (Koulouri). Here is a small archaeological museum on display are a number of ceramic items. To the south of Salamina is the village of Aianteio (Moulki). The village is said to be the birthplace of Ajax .

Today many of the villas in the village are owned by mainlanders as holiday homes.

From Moulki you can go to either to Kanikia, Peristeria or Kaki Vigla where you will find good beaches. In the small village of Ampelakia , you can see the ruins of the old acropolis.

Salamina is the largest island in the Argo Saroronic group.

Size: 95 km2
Costal length: 104 km
Population: 34 200
Capital: Koulouri
Mountains: Mavrovouni (365m).
Transportation: ferryboat from Piraeus port (every 15 min)
Express boat every 30 min. Paloukia port
Communications: Buses and Taxi on the Island


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