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The island of Sifnos is one of the most popular in the Western Cyclades , visitors come here to enjoy the long sandy beaches and charming villages dotted around the countryside. The island is famous for its well-made pottery, and it is possible to visit some of these potteries. The island, once famous for its gold and silver mines, was a wealthy island. During this time, the islanders paid homage to the Sanctuary of Apollo, thanking them for their wealth by donating a solid gold egg every year. One year they decided to give an egg made out of stone, the gods were not pleased about this blatant cheating and exacted retribution on the islanders. The gods flooded the mines and the island fell into decline, from this time on the island became known as Sifnos, which means empty.

Apollonia the capital of the island above the port of Kamares is a warren of small houses and shops. The main street of the town is very busy, but the streets behind the square offer an easier pace in which to enjoy the town. The town named after the God Apollo, who the islanders worshipped. (Despite the retribution, he gave them when they cheated). The cafes and restaurants serve local, tasty dishes for you to enjoy. The Museum of Folklore display locally made pottery and costumes.

Kamares the port of the island is a friendly town with a decent beach, also a wide range of shops and cafes along the waterfront. Boats leave on trips to the small hamlet of Vathy known for its pottery, the hamlet has also a good beach and tavernas in which to relax. Vathy is also easy to get to by road.

Kastro east of Artemonas is the former capital of the island, and is stunning with white washed houses and massive walls overlooking the sea.

Artemonas is the twin village of Apollonia , and has impressive Ventian houses with distinctive chimneys. The churches of Agios Georgios and Panagia Konchi are worth visiting.

Platys Gialos south of the capital has a fantastic beach, overlooked by small hotels and tavernas.


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