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Skopelos is less hectic than Skiathos, and the locals try to keep it this way, keeping to traditions, that have been the islands way of life for centuries. Many of the women still wear the traditional costume with pride. This beautiful island with its pine forests, olive groves and orchards makes a welcome break for those seeking a more relaxing holiday. The main town also named Skopelos, with its flower bedecked houses ascends up the hillside in tiers. At the top of the hill are the ruins of an old fort. Tavernas in the town serve a variety of dishes, also try the plum or prune based dishes for which the island is known for. Skopelos has a number of ancient ruins in 1936 they found the ruins of an ancient royal tomb. The tomb contained artefacts that are today are on display in the museum at Volos .


This village has retained some of its traditional Greek charm, with a few tavernas and shops the way of life here is more relaxing than the main town.


There are many beaches on the island but many are a combination of sand and fin pebbles. The best sandy beach is at Limnorari to get here one must take a boat from Agnontas or walk 1 km. For organised water sports, the best beach is at Millia

Places of interest

There are several monasteries that can be visited among them are, the 18 th century Moni Evangelismou which is now a convent. Pride of place in the convent is the 11 th century icon of the Virgin Mary. From here the views are impressive. The other monasteries are the 16 th centuries of Moni Metamorfosis and Moni Prodromou.


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