Top Five Tourist Destinations in Europe

Europe is a holiday destination for many tourists. Whether one is looking for a weekend getaway or a family vacation, you can never miss amazing places to visit. Most areas have budget-friendly destinations which will guarantee you a fantastic experience without bleeding your pockets dry, thankfully. If you feel spoilt for choice when selecting a place to visit, then here are the top five tourist destinations you should try out in Europe.

Geneva in Switzerland

You have not been to Europe if you have not visited Geneva. From one of the largest lakes in Western Europe to the highest mountain in the continent, Mont Blanc, what else could you wish for? A visit here will convince you that Paris is not the only city of romance, because there is always something exciting for lovebirds to savour in Geneva. Geneva is also home to some of the most acclaimed hotel chains globally.


Home of Mostar’s Stari Most bridge and below its neighbour Bosnia, Herzegovina is a historical destination which is well-known for the famous CIRO cycling trail. You will get to enjoy a cross country bike tour from Mostar to Dubrovnik and a visit to the villages in the mountains. The summer is busy with visitors this side of Europ,e with many tourists visiting the striking architecture.

Malaga in Spain

Most people know two famous places in Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. They may offer great touring sites but the next time you are in Spain take a trip to Malaga. It has fresh air and is full of natural attractions such as the Caminito del Rey path which is a popular tourist attraction site. Also, do not forget to tour the famous great hammam baths while you are within the city. Malaga is a melting pot of both historic and modern cultures.


This is a destination which is under the leadership of a prince, the perfect dream vacation for any little girl or young lady who still believes in fairy tales. It is a small country with only 11 municipalities but still has amazing experiences to offer. You could frequent some of its famous traditional festivals or learn more about the country’s culture and art at the Museum of Fine Arts. As small as the country may be, its inhabitants love great parties, with the biggest one being on 15th August, the country’s national day.

Sainte-Maxime in France

Talk of heaven on earth, a combination of peace and calmness, plus a warm society, Sainte-Maxime never misses on any list of the top destinations in Europe. For beach and coast lovers, you could never go wrong with the turquoise water and lovely landscapes in this region. Just like France is mostly known for love and romance, Sainte-Maxime is ideal for romantic getaways and family holidays.


These are just but five of the top tourist destinations in Europe. The continent has lots to offer from summer to winter. Whether you are a foodie, party animal or just a lone traveler, you can never lack anything to do in Europe.