Web Shopping at European and US Websites

There are many different reasons why Europe is such a popular destination for travelers. For many, it is that they enjoy the possibility of participating in a good shopping adventure. What some may not realize is that a lot of the brands and services offered throughout Europe are also available in the United States as well as other parts of the world. A lot of the thanks for this should be to the internet.

Popularity vs Non Popularity

What is most interesting about products that are available in Europe as well as in the United States is the way they will vary in their popularity. For example, Disney Products. Many of these are readily available in both regions, but some are not. This is because what may sell well in Europe will not do the same in the United States. Donald Duck comics produced by Disney are thoroughly enjoyed in Europe, but you won’t find these in the US as easily because this particular Disney product is not as popular.

Internet Shopping

Those that are visiting Europe will often find that many of the products that they come across while there can also be shopped for on the internet. What they will find different is the websites as they pertain to each of these. Even within Europe itself, the websites that pertain to the very same product will differ. This is often found with quality online casino sites like the Unibet Website that cater to many different countries.

Website Differences

When possible it is an interesting exercise to compare two websites from two different countries that offer the same services or products. Some of the differences that may be noticed are.

  • Product Presentations That May Differ Significantly

There are some industries operating in Europe and other Countries that have to change their websites significantly because their target audiences are different. They may be offering the same product or service, but there are variations in this. Some examples are:

  • News Websites

A very popular news entity in the UK is the BBC. But they also operate outside of the UK. When they do, then quite often their websites may be different. For example, they are a news service. So they are going to offer news that is related to the area that their website is serving.

  • Streaming Services

Netflix in the United Kingdom often has a different line up of movies than those that would be listed on the US website. Again because the European tastes in streaming entertainment will be quite different than that of the US market.

  • Different Web Design

It is not uncommon for a website that is selling the same product in two different countries to have different web designs. What can be different is the colors and the layout. While it is important that the company maintains its brand; they also have to cater to what appeals to their viewers. Images are another component of web design, and this may vary according to websites. Web designers will study the market to see which type of images are most appealing to the market the web site is going to serve.

  • Content

Although the website in Europe may be selling the exact same products as the US website is selling the content of the websites may differ. This is because there are different advertising rules for different countries. Those selling their products on the web have to abide by the advertising rules as a business. Also, the style of the content may change as unique selling features will differ just as the target markets are different.

  • Payment Options

Another big difference that may be evident on two websites is the payment gateway. This makes sense as some methods of payment accepted in Europe may not be acceptable in the US.

  • Price Differences

This is something that a lot of people raise questions about. Why are some products cheaper in Europe compared to the same ones in the US? There are a lot of factors that go into pricing. One of these is the cost of goods sold. It may be more expensive for the production of the goods when they are going to be sold in the US. Or vice versa.

  • Language Differences

This is something to be expected when some of the websites exist outside of the UK. The language that is going to be used is that which will be most commonly understood by the major traffic to the site.

  • Cost Factors

Another big contribution to the changes that take place in websites between Europe and the US is the cost factors in developing a site and maintaining it. Some of the costs for this may be cheaper in the US. Which means that a US site can be more elaborate compared to a European one.

There are a lot of good reasons why two sites selling the same product can differ.