Europe is a continent with a lot to offer for tourists with any interests. Do you want history and traditions – visit Grece, France or Italy. If you want the urban experience, then cities like Berlin, London or Copenhagen can be the perfect destination. Do you prefer hiking and camping out in the wild? What about a trip to the Alps, or maybe travel to Norway or Iceland? And for the ones who just want a white sandy beach, crystal clear oceans and nice sunny weather, any country along the Mediterranean coast would work.

Europe is the continent that has it all, but make sure you come prepared! Traveling to any destination without thorough preparations can make the dream vacation turn into a nightmare. This is why we are here to help you.

Where to Travel

Since all countries in Europe obviously have their particular qualities, it is important to decide on what you are looking for in your trip to Europe. Questions you should ask yourself include:

  • What is the climate like?
  • How much will food and accommodation cost?
  • Is the destination suited for family vacations?

On this site, we will try to answer all these questions, and then some. We have a look at some of the very famous destinations, like Geneva in Switzerland and Malaga in Spain, but we also cover some of the undiscovered gems still hidden out there, such as Herzegovina, Lichtenstein, and Saint Maxime.

Stay on Budget

Another big factor when it comes to travel planning is obviously the budget. If you don’t plan your trip well, the wallet will grow thin very quickly, sometimes even before getting off the plane. But there are tons of brilliant ways to save a lot of money while traveling. What about spending the nights at rental lodgings or budget guests houses, instead of overpriced city hotels? Or for the ones who are ready to take it one step further – what about just bringing your own tent?

In addition to the accomodation, there are many other items on the budget that can be greatly reduced. Joining group trips is one way you can save big – while also meeting new friends. Or what about getting a local SIM card to use your phone with no worries? Check out the other articles on this site to learn more, and you will be the master of your trip this summer and save a lot of money.